Badhausweg 9, A - 6364 Brixen im Thale

0043 5334 8113

We emphasize cleanliness and hygiene!

Both our sanitary buildings have modern facilities. The buildings are located in a way, that you don´t need to walk too far.

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  • gepflegte Sanitäranlagen Camping Brixen
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We also have for you:

  • Mother-child room
  • Changing tables
  • Handicapped accessible wash-rooms
  • Handicapped accessible toilettes
  • Washer and dryer
  • Dish washing sinks

We do have enough washing facilities, showers and toilets so that our guests don´t have to wait. Of course you can clean out your chemical toilet and your watertank is filled with drinking water in no time at our washing place. Washing machines, tumble dryer and a dish washing room are standard.