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Vormittag, 23.09.2021

Temperatur 10°C/50°F

Sonnenschein 80%

Frostgrenze 2600

Nachmittag, 23.09.2021

Temperatur 18°C/64°F

Sonnenschein 80%

Frostgrenze 4000

Morgen, 24.09.2021

Temperatur 20°C/68°F

Sonnenschein 90%

Frostgrenze 3900

Übermorgen, 25.09.2021

Temperatur 21°C/70°F

Sonnenschein 70%

Frostgrenze 3700

Vorhersage The morning will still be cool with maybe a few patches of ground mist. During the day, however, nothing will indicate that we are already in September:

Trend The weather on Friday will be as nice as the weather on Thursday with temperatures remaining unchanged. The weather will simply stay fine for a long time!

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