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Lay out the parachute, sort the lines, tighten the seat belt and start. Despite its ease of use, the paraglider is a powerful aircraft with which long and very long flights are possible.

A new type of aviation continues its triumphant advance around the world. Paragliding, a fascinating new sport that is predicted to have a boom similar to that of windsurfing a decade ago. A new image is shaping everyday life in the Alps.

From peaks and mountain slopes people slide down to the valley on colorful parachutes - the paragliders!

There is a professional paragliding school just 3 kilometers from the Resort. The best prerequisite for safe take-off, enjoyable flying and problem-free landing is a solid basic training. That is what the Flugschule Westendorf is for and that is what it is known for. You will be trained in small groups and you will be introduced to this fascinating sport in peace and quiet - in summer as well as in winter. Do you want to experience it too? Easy.